Safety & Security

  1. The warehouse is comprehensively secured with:

♦ A full-time security guard on duty all weekends/nights;

♦ 24/7 surveillance cameras all around the warehouse building in/out;

  1. The storage is equipped with 8 fire extinguishers, 4 smoke detectors and 2 water hoses
  2. It is 24/7 accessible in case of emergency
  3. There are 3 emergency exit signs/lights/doors and 3 garage doors
  4. Ventilation by 2 large floor fans and 1 exhaust ceiling fan is in place
  5. The storage has 5 electrical 120V power outlets along the walls and 15 consistent ceiling/floor lights
  6. A daily sign-in sheet to track human traffic
  7. A detailed inventory record, including each item by pickup and delivery dates, for review or audit
  8. We will notify a customer immediately by phone and/or email on any discrepancy or problem (missing, stolen) to items in inventory