Biohazard boxes

Our biohazard boxes are corrugated, UN rated, industry compliant, incinerator-safe and disposable cardboard boxes used to dispose of biohazardous waste.

Their Features:

  1. Large and medium sizes accommodating variety of waste
  2. Auto bottom and lock flap folding top
  3. Store flat, assemble in seconds and easily
  4. No packing tape needed
  5. In white or brown colors with orange printing
  6. Flute C of single wall fiberboards
  7. Medium Kraft/Kraft vertical corrugated
  8. Minimum of 75% recycled paper fibers

Categories of Biohazardous Waste

  1. Solid waste: non-sharp items contaminated with bodily fluids or biological materials, such as bloody or filthy gloves, petri dishes, used pipettes, taint towels, contaminated culture, bench paper, utility wipes, etc.
  2. Liquid waste: human/animal blood or body fluids, used chemical fluids or expired biological solutions, etc.
  3. Sharps waste: any item that can puncture through skin and is contaminated with biological material, like needles, scalpels, microscopic slides, broken glass or tubes
  4. Pathological waste: human/animal specimens (organs & tissues), laboratory animal carcasses and body parts, etc.
  5. Infectious agents: bacteria, viruses, spores, live and attenuated vaccines, etc.
  6. Medical waste: specimen containers, used syringes, used bandages, used medical tapes, used surgical drapes or gowns containing dry blood or body fluids, IV tubing, used disposable surgical instruments, etc.