Lab Animal Colony

Laboratory Animal Facility Management and Technical Services include:

a. Genome-Related Research Services

Genomic DNA/RNA Preparation & Purification, DNA Sequencing, Plasmid DNA Preparation, Genotyping, PCR and Real Time qPCR

b. Lab Animal Colony Management

Injection: SC, IM, IP, ID, IV (tail vein, dorsal penile vein, renal vein)

Bleeding: Cardiac Puncture, Orbital Sinus, Marginal Ear Vein (Rabbit Only), Tail Vein, Mandible

Surgery: Castration, Overiectomy, Splenectomy, Vasectomy, Ureter Ligation, Nephrectomy

Rodent Colony Maintenance: Breeding, Daily Monitoring, Identification, Tail Snipping, Necropsy and Sampling, Data Collection & Recording & Keeping & Interpretation & Analysis & Reporting (daily, weekly or monthly)

c. Rederivation of Rodents

d. Cryopreservation of Embryos

e. Germ Line Cell Work

Embryo Collection, Sperm Collection, Embryo Re-Implantation